After the last post, I decided to take a month-long hiatus from this website in order to regroup. It was the next best thing to snap-kicking cancer in the nuts, which, alas, is impossible. Instead, I'll  have to settle for watching the following infinite loop while imagining that cancer (yes, with a small "c") is a hippie on a beach and I am Superman.

Okay, now that I've left that here for eternity (or at least until I stop paying my web host), I want to proclaim that I am back, focused, and trying to enjoy every minute of my time on this hurtling heap of beauty and balderdash. Life, for this lucky boy at least, goes on.

On a side note, I found this small piece of personal history today. It was wedged between the pages of an old drawing book. It's funny, the things that survive. Clearly I didn't care enough to sign this form or give it to my parents, and yet here it is, decades later.


Lo! A book for $2.50? Am I really that old?